Today’s Real Man Tribe.
Level Up Your True Success

With Dave Sinclair your Transformational Journey Support Coach

It is time to ditch toxic masculinity and be the man you have always dreamed of. One who is living a life true to their core values! Join us and transform into a life of authenticity, inner-freedom, and true success.

A men’s only private Facebook group that provides real growth through honest connection, conversations, and commitment to action.

The Men’s Only Facebook Group That Is Disrupting Masculinity’s Status Quo With Real Conversations

Imagine what it would be like to be a part of a society where men evolve past the toxic masculinity and self-imposed limitations and transform into a life of authenticity.

Join us, men from all walks of life, to gain confidence and be the leader you have always been.

The purpose of Today’s Real Man Tribe is to provide a safe and open space where men from different walks of life can come together to discuss personal issues, challenges, and topics that can help them grow forward. A space where men can join together to feel a little less alone, and experience how together we can ease each other’s burdens through mutual support and fellowship. We can accomplish this if we all agree to real connection, real conversation, and commitment to change.

Does this fit for you?


In this group you will find:

  • Other men, from all walks of life, learning that they can lean on each other.
  • Discussions and videos based on daily wins and challenges men face, including myself, to help you see you are not alone!
  • Ideas around what may be keeping you stuck in a self limiting mindset.
  • Practical ways to connect to what truly matters to you.
  • Live conversations and talks for you to join which will be recorded for your future viewing.
  • Guided meditations.
  • Tools to help deepen awareness.
  • Tools to help you do anything from discovering your values, to creating and empowering vision unique to you, to learning how to get past procrastination!
  • Links to resources that will help us support one another such as book reviews, links to powerful TED Talks, and other links that are like hacks to help you more quickly connect to your authentic self.
  • Whatever else you want to explore as a community!

Who is this group for:


  • Men, from all walks of life, who are looking for some proactive mental, emotional and even spiritual medicine to help right their ship before it tips over! Get the tools, and support from people who are putting in the work to get their lives on track.
  • Men, from all walks of life, who have hit their own rock bottom, are on their way back up, and want to be around others who are ready to create their future selves!

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A group where we can start having the hard conversations and lean into the suck that has been keeping us stuck. The result is acting towards what we truly value and desire. We don’t have to be alone. Let’s gain our success as a group.

Dave Sinclair is creating the space for a much-needed conversation around men and the way their actions can lead them towards or away from an ideal life.

I help men, who like me 10 years ago, feel burdened, lost, numb to life, alone, and almost ready to give up. In the process men learn to lighten the weight they carry, and rediscover hope for the future. Hope is not enough by itself though. Beyond hope I support them to confront the facts of where they find themselves and tackle the real work it will take for their dream to become reality.