Do I fight the wind? Do I take a panicked stance and feverously blow into my sails when the wind has stopped? Do I effort so much in the doldrums that I exhaust myself even further?

What if sometimes I just turned towards what is and allow it to be? What if it’s meant to be here?

How hard have I been sailing? How hard have I been pushing lately? Maybe taking a moment to step back and listen is what is required right now…

I have been taught, trained, and impressed upon to constantly push for a future state, to push for some point in time where it’ll all be “good.” What cost does this pushing bring? What toll does it demand?

Perhaps the toll is to step back. Not to stop the sailing, but perhaps to step back and allow myself to drift for a moment… What if I turn towards this drift, these doldrums, as a guide in themselves? What guidance did they give me today? Is it simply to rest? Maybe to listen? Maybe to play?

Perhaps they just call for a bit of compassion for all the work to date and the tiredness all my parts are feeling. Perhaps it’s calling for a bit more patience. I think for me what I am hearing is, “Keep moving but you can go a little slower… Slower, so you can see the sights along the voyage, and use some of your precious resources to enjoy it.”

What if moving forward I deliberately plan in some doldrums, some slow times, times where I can relax, reflect, recharge, and refocus, times where I can be grateful for what has been, what is, and what’s still to come. Maybe then these doldrums become the gift of a safe harbor, and an integral part of the journey themselves.

What comes up for you as your read this? How might a safe harbor, or the gift of a small break support you on your voyage?

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