I love personal growth. I love reading about it,talking about it, and watching the people I coach live it.

I have to admit though I do not love EVERYTHING about it. I am talking about the up front part that led to the need for the growth. The struggle, the challenge, and the often difficult emotions that go along with change. There is almost always some discomfort, or challenging feeling that well…can make it easy to turn the other cheek, and say “Maybe i will tackle this tomorrow.”

One of the best authors I have read on the topic of becoming more comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings involved change or challenging times is Dr Joan Rosenberg. She is the author of the book 90 Seconds to a Life You Love: How to Master Your Difficult Feelings to Cultivate Lasting Confidence, Resilience, and Authenticity, and the creator of the Rosenberg reset. Here is a fantastic Ted Talk where she explains this all further.

In a newsletter from Dr. Rosenberg she offered the following which, in my opinion, are fantastic steps towards building resilience, and a growth mindset. I think her advice below is easy, simple, and timeless.

In a journal, or on a post it note write out the following 4 statements. Put this somewhere where you can see it often, and if it helps have the statements in a couple key spots. You can put the note in places you see often such as your mirror you see first thing in the AM, on a post-it note attached to your computer, on the fridge (which is just too darn easy to visit these days, lol). Read these as often as you can for the next month. If you can, even build them into your sitting mindfulness practice saying them as affirmations.

1. I know change is the constant in life; my intent is to be flexible and adaptive in the face of change.

2. I am willing to experience the unfamiliar, uncertain, unpleasant, and uncomfortable in life, so that I may cultivate a “Growth” mindset.

3. Mistakes and setbacks are evidence I’m taking action, signs of progress, and a test of my commitment to what I want; they are not signs of inadequacy or failure.

4. I know I have faced other difficult life circumstances, and I can draw on my experience of having successfully made it through them to face my current challenges.

From me, having statements like the ones above, that I can constantly come back to and reflect on, helps me, over time, upgrade the automatic thoughts I have, and keeps me moving towards creating my ideal life.

What comes to mind as you read this? What do you take from this into your own journey towards your ideal life?

Have a great day everyone!

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