Be patient. It is amazing how powerful this simple idea can be in making progress towards your small goals and your large goals.

Just the other day I was catching up with a former client. Our conversation drifted towards when someone is forcing something into existence and when someone is being a bit gentler and allowing things to come into their own with less struggle and force.

This to me is what patience is about. By no means am I saying that it will not take work to bring your vision to life. Rather what I am trying to impress here is to be a bit gentler. A bit gentler on yourself as you do the work. Take a few small steps and see what happens. Step back regularly to see what is being provided to you after you take a few steps. Allow yourself to learn. To grow. To figure out what your all is all about.

It is like when I am training for a big run (like the marathon) If I take longer to become prepared, take smaller steps in my progress, take care of myself along the way, and slowly but surely build up my endurance chances are I will enjoy the journey (the training) to the race a lot more as well as being able to enjoy the race more as well. If I try to jam too much in too quick I will probably start resenting the training, the race will become less fun, and may even injure myself,

Patience is the antidote to this. Stay focused. Take action towards what you really want, but also enjoy the journey along the way. Enjoy the fulfillment, awareness, learning, and growth your patient action provides along the way.

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