Take a Step Back to Make a Leap Forward..

Create Your Ideal Life

Do you ever wonder whether you are living a life true to yourself and what you value? Do you find yourself chasing happiness but at the end of the day you just feel numb? It’s more common than you think!

What if I told you you can live your ideal life. A life true to you! I know that first-hand, because I woke up, took my life back, stopped sleepwalking, and started living. During my journey, I created the 4-stage Step Back Process to help others uncover their own unique definition of success and empower them as they do their own work to get there.

If you are…

      • Feeling lost, numb, and dissatisfied with how your life is going right now,
      • Overwhelmed at the thought of making major life changes,
      • Undergoing a major life transition (divorce, career change, death of a loved one…),
      • Unsure that you are even capable of change,
      • Done with going through life on auto-pilot but unsure how to move forward,
      • Feeling alone in all of this and not sure where to turn for help,

… I can help you!

How can I help? 

I can walk you through the 4-stage Step Back Process. What’s that, you ask? Read on!

1. Take steps to stay on track.

      • Take an honest look at your life as it is right now. What is working? What isn’t?
      • Evaluate your mindset. Do you believe you are capable of change?
      • Do your views about your life align with the facts? What stories might you be telling yourself? 

2. Create a picture of your ideal life.

      • Allow yourself to imagine your ideal life, and notice what comes up.
      • Tap into what you value in this world, and use these values as both a north star and a compass.
      • Define what success means for you personally.

3. Map out the way to get there.

      • Get to work on the aspect of your life that needs attending to (family, friends, hobbies…).
      • Identify the baby steps that will move you towards your ideal life, little by little.
      • Create a plan that aligns your life with the values you want to live out.

4. Take steps to stay on track.

      • Find someone to keep you accountable as you make your plan a reality.
      • Remember to practice patience and gratitude along the way.
      • Celebrate the wins, big and small, to keep you motivated as your journey unfolds.

Are you ready to step into your S.E.L.F. Leadership and create your ideal life?

Are you ready to reawaken and live from your True S.E.L.F.?

Whether you want more out of life, a smoother running business, or even to create a business transition plan, it all starts with taking a look inside. I can help you with this. Together, we create space so you can tap into your own Self-Energizing Life Force, uncover your well-rounded sense of purpose and your guiding values. Together, we will ensure you go from stuck to your definition of success!