When it comes to hiring, finding a good fit for your company can seem like a risky toss of the dice. Is this company right for them? Are they right for this company?

Attitude trumps aptitude
I follow the philosophy that you hire a person for attitude over aptitude. You can usually train someone to do a job, but it is really tough to change someone’s attitude. So how can you tell if the interviewee is holding a winning hand? And, more importantly, have you already established the ground rules by which a winner is determined?

Establishing core values is the ace up your sleeve
In the work I do with business owners, I see very few who take the time to identify and document core values. If you do not know what your values are, how can you measure whether or not the person you want to hire will fit?

Your values form the basis of your culture and are the rules people follow on a daily basis as they work towards the company’s goals. When you are recruiting, those values can also guide you to find the best people for your team.

Most companies base hiring decisions on “gut feel.” There is a better way. Companies can use their values to make the hiring process more robust, while reducing turnover and associated costs. Here’s an example.

NRI Distribution Inc.: A value-driven player
I recently met Bruce Churchill, the CFO and cofounder of NRI Distribution Inc., at the Canadian Employee Ownership Conference.  His company specializes in North American-based fulfillment of premium branded footwear, apparel and accessories. Bruce credits the quality of his people as the main reason his customers are loyal and happy. He’s also totally tuned in to the importance of his company’s values, especially during the recruitment process.

Get your candidate to show their hand in the interview
In every NRI interview, a potential candidate’s value alignment is assessed using a simple process. They are asked to identify five values that resonate personally from a deck of value cards. The interviewee then shares their hand and explains what each value means and how they live each value in their daily lives. The values don’t have to match exactly, but the responses provide a pretty good measure of how they will fit in with the company.

Is success in the cards?
So, has this been a winning strategy for Bruce and NRI Distribution Inc.? Prior to implementing this process, they found that 1 in 3 new recruits would not make it past their probationary period. Post implementation this dropped to less than 1 in 10. Bruce also stated that, qualitatively, they feel the process led to decreased stress on the production floor, improved morale, less conflict, and improved team cohesion.

From improving culture and engagement to helping you recruit likeminded team members, when you make values a priority, it’s a win for everyone.

How are you making your company’s values a part of your strategy for success?

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