Free Guided Meditations

Free Guided Meditations

Sunshine Guided Meditation

Shower yourself with positive light in this 6-minute guided meditation.

Letting Go Guided Meditation

In this 7-minute guided meditation, you will learn to let go of the negative thoughts and negative energy in your life.

A Life Well Lived Guided Meditation

Visualize your future-self in this 7-minute guided meditation.

Ideal Life Guided Meditation

Tap into what’s truly important to you in your life. This is a 12-minute guided meditation.

Gratitude Guided Meditation

Build gratitude in your life with this simple 7-minute guided meditation exercise.

Are you ready to reawaken and live your true self?

Whether you want a plan for a smoother running business or you just want more out of this life, once you have a vision of what your ideal self could be, and you start progressing towards it we can use the same process to uncover the details of the other plans that will help support your journey to your ideal life vision.