I use an app called Headspace for a daily guided meditation as part of my overall morning mindfulness practice. I have been practicing mindfulness for close to 10 years now and the journey has been amazing. The results may be tough to see in terms of day to day progress, but when I step back, I can see all the small daily steps I take have led me to a pretty cool spot in life.

As part of the guided meditation I use, the founder of the app, Andy Puddicombe, first provides a brief lesson on various mindfulness topics, and then guides you through a meditation. At the end of this they leave you with a quote that sums up the talk.

Today the quote was this:

I love this quote. It is key in the personal development work I have done that has transformed my life into a daily adventure I can not wait to wake up and explore every morning. The idea behind this quote also grounds me when I am coaching others to make the changes they want to make.

Whether it be helping someone find their ideal life, create their ideal business or to create a plan for their ideal transition it is really all about the destination as WELL as the journey. So often in life we have been trained to put off our happiness today for the HOPE that some day we may be happy.

This is such a shame. Why not be a little happier today? Why do we have to wait until one day in the future, a future that is not guaranteed to come, to finally say to ourselves “Well I guess you are where you have been striving to get to. I guess you can finally be happy.”

I know for myself this was not working when I was focused on just the money and things it would buy, and I see it over an over with the people I now coach. So many of us are delaying our happiness right now for the dream it may one day come.

I also see that when people start being a bit more mindful of what they really want, what is really important to them, and start finding time to let these items into their lives a bit more now, well, it can be a complete game changer. They start becoming happier right now. And by being happier right now what do you think happens in terms of their commitments to work towards their longer-term goals? You guessed it, the increased happiness they have now increases the energy they have to work towards their long-term goals.  

The four-stage step back process I have created helps people sets big goals that are well rounded, make progress towards them, and at the same time also encourages them to be patient as they move forward.

In short it is great to have goals, as without them we may just wander, but taking the time along the way for what is important to you increases fulfillment and happiness in the here and now.  

To wrap things up, finding time to be a bit happier right now, happy about the things that really matter to you, when mixed in with some long-term goals can make the journey as well as the destination a little sweeter.

What can you do to enjoy the journey just a little more today?

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