The Book That Will Help You: Break Old Habits. Escape The Rat Race. Live Your Ideal Life

Burned out? In a rut? Tired of the hustle?


Dave sure was.


When Dave Sinclair woke up in a detention cell, he knew something had to change. The rat race was going to kill him.

So he quit his prestigious career as a part-owner of a multinational company. But for what? He had no dreams, no values, no identity. Quitting was not the answer to stress-free happiness. Why? Because Dave was still numb.

Waking up and kickstarting your life is hard.
But the reward is endless.

However, when you kickstart your life and end the numbness, you begin living life on your terms, have new meaning and purpose, have more time, and feel successful in work and life.

That is exactly what Dave wanted. He had to get stuck in a detention cell and quit his job to become ready to take that step back and realize what he wanted in life and work.

What do you have to do?

The right book at the right time, Numb?, lays out the four steps to successfully transitioning and changing your life into your ideal future.

Take the jump, kickstart your life, and never look back.

In this book you read my no-holds-barred personal example to illustrate a process I developed and live by. It helped me go from a life that was both meaningless and overwhelming, to a life I love living every day. Using this process, I have coached people just like you to have more meaningful and happy lives by:

  • identifying sources of trouble and moments of joy
  • creating the vision and initial path to your ideal life
  • applying the same concepts to kickstart your ideal business and even your business transition plan

It is time to reawaken and live your true self. A true self that you never gave yourself the time or permission to explore and discover before.

Order the book today!

The right book at the right time, Numb? offers the steps for anyone to create their ideal life. Plus for business owners the book shares a straightforward method to successfully build and transition their business.

Ultimately, Numb? will inspire, instruct, and reassure that you are on the right path leading you to your own unique definition of success.

The time is now to put your house in order. Take control of your life.

Reawaken & Live Your True Self