Hi, I am Dave Sinclair

You know that guy, who works fifteen hours a day, has no concept of a work-life balance, and is always chasing the money, the fancy cars and the fast life? Ten years ago, I was that guy. I was working myself to death, until I ended up in a jail cell one morning, firmly hitting that proverbial rock bottom. I decided to check myself into a purpose-based addiction treatment center.

I took a long hard look at my life – I was seventy pounds overweight, out of shape and out of touch with my family. Something was sorely missing from my life, and I had to find out what that was. It is now obvious to me that what I was missing was a set of values, and a sense of purpose in my life.

If this story sounds familiar, it’s because I was not alone in my pain.

When I checked into rehab, I was surrounded by men from all walks of life who were experiencing the same thing I was: a complete disconnection from their family and friends, from their values, and from their true purpose in this life.

But I leaned into the suck that was keeping me stuck. I had to do the work. And out of this work came the 4-stage Step Back process which is laid out in my book: Numb? Break Old habits. Escape the Rat Race. Live Your Ideal Life.

By following this process I was able to get in touch with my true values and take concrete steps to rearrange my life into the fulfilling and abundant journey that it has become.

There are so many men suffering out there. It would have been selfish to not share the tools that have helped me get to where I am today. And this is precisely what inspired me to turn my story into a purpose-driven mission.

In 2021, I will help 10,000 men liberate themselves from their emotional prisons and become heroic leaders of change.

I will do this in 4 ways:

  • Today’s Real Man Tribe – a private male-only Facebook group. This is a free resource where you can join the conversation around the tools men can use to get closer to their authentic self. This is a support community and a movement to help us become powerful agents of purposeful change.


  • 1:1 coaching – If you need more personalized help, I can provide you with the tools that fit you best. I use a combination of Enneagram personality assessment to help you identify the blind spots that are specific to you, The Power of TED (The Empowerment Dynamic) which will help you develop a growth-based mindset, and my 4-stage Step Back process to help you get in touch with your values and take steps to live them out in your daily life or business.


  • Numb? the book – This book is a roadmap to your ideal life, your ideal business, and your ideal transitions which uses the 4-stage Step Back process that worked for me to create a life of fulfillment and abundance.


  • Speaking/ training engagements – By sharing my own journey from burnout to TRUE success, I demonstrate how the 4-stage Step Back process can help individuals, leaders, entire organizations, and businesses flourish.

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