Hi, I Am Dave Sinclair, Your S.E.L.F. Leadership Coach

You know that guy, who works fifteen hours a day, has no concept of a work-life balance, and is always chasing the money, the fancy cars and the fast life? Ten years ago, I was that guy. I was working myself to death, was 70 pounds overweight, and out of touch with my family. I found myself using alcohol more and more as a way to cope with the stress of it all. The drinking and the mental stress escalated to a point where I hit that proverbial rock bottom and decided to check myself into a meaning- and purpose-based addiction treatment center. Perhaps for you it does not need to get to this point. For me, looking back, this was a blessing and the kick-start I needed.

I took a long hard look at my life. Something was sorely missing from it, and I had to find out what that was. It is now obvious to me that what I was missing was a connection to my core S.E.L.F., a set of guiding values, and a sense of well-rounded purpose.

If this story sounds familiar, it’s because I was not alone in my pain.

When I took that first critical step forward and sought help, I stepped into one of the most profound lessons I needed to journey forward: I found that I was not alone. I was surrounded by men from all walks of life who were experiencing the same thing I was: a complete disconnection from their family and friends, from their values, and from their true purpose in this life.

But I leaned into the suck that was keeping me stuck. I had to do the work. And out of this work came the 4-stage Step Back Process which is laid out in my book Numb?. By following this process I was able to get in touch with my true values and take concrete steps to rearrange my life into the fulfilling and abundant journey that it has become.

There are so many people suffering out there. It would have been selfish not to share the tools that have helped me get to where I am today. And this is precisely what inspired me to turn my story into a purpose-driven mission.

When I was stuck in my emotional prison, I was a slave to my inner conflicts. My impulses were contradicting each other, and this left me powerless to take a step forward. So how did I untangle this mess? How did I get clear on what I truly wanted my life to become?

The first step was to realize that there was a war being waged inside of me. And only I had the power to draft the peace treaty and restore balance and harmony. In the midst of this crazy conflict, I found that there was a core part of me, buried deep inside, that knew the way forward. This part of me is called the S.E.L.F., the Self-Energizing Life Force.

The S.E.L.F. is the core part of each of us. In our journey towards self-knowledge and self-mastery, we are called upon to seek this buried treasure and yield it as a peace-making weapon. By rediscovering the S.E.L.F., we are invited to give it all of its due powers so that it may lead the warring factions within us into a consensus.

Only the S.E.L.F. has the power to understand and align all parts of you, ensuring they are all pulling in the same direction. For the greater good of YOU. Once your S.E.L.F. has been able to enact a cease-fire, you will be able to go forward with inner peace to the life you have always wanted.

When I realized this, I knew I had to help others on their journey to S.E.L.F. Leadership.

    I can support you on your journey, in several ways